Security Audit Press

By applying for a security audit led by our experts and providing us with a full source code and documentation, Bitizen demonstrates their commitment to protecting users’ digital assets and privacy, as well as providing public verification of the wallet’s safety. The Bitizen team has also shown high responsibility, security awareness, and professional attitude.

During the auditing process, we conducted in-depth blackbox, graybox and white box analysis, and we were deeply impressed by the Bitizen’s excellent security design and exceptional engineering capabilities.

We have not found any critical or high-risk vulnerabilities in Bitizen Wallet; also, we commend Bitizen wallet for implementing both cryptographic MPC technology and 3FA solution, and delivering a strong project to the market.

– SlowMist Security Team Tech Lead

Security Audit Results


Bitizen wallet is a non-custodial wallet solution based on cryptographic MPC technology. Product internal architecture has no private keys, removing major points of access and raising standards above wallets using asymmetric encryption. Face scan and Multiple FA, as well as encryption methods used in Bitizen wallet bring extra security measures.

Audit led by the SlowMist Security team has found no critical vulnerabilities, while high and low risk vulnerabilities were confirmed and fixed by the Bitizen team.

By the results of the Audit Bitizen Wallet is rated as a Low Risk wallet.

We express our gratitude for Bitizen Wallet’s recognition of SlowMist and support of our relevant staff.

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Security Audit Report
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Security Audit Report